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How many of you have used the following statements:

I can’t go the gym because “I don’t HAVE THE TIME”

Sorry I couldn’t meet up, “I’ve been so busy with work”

“ I have way tooo much to do”

“ I’ve just been working”

“I don’t have the time to work on a side business or pursue a hobby”

“I have too much going on  for the next month.”

“Hey, sorry I haven’t called you back yet, I’ve just been so busy.“

I find that when I use these statements, I feel a sense of relaxation and that a weight has lifted off my shoulders.

What if I told you, that all those are simply EXCUSES. That those statements become our reasons to justify why we CAN’T DO SOMETHING.

BUSY becomes THAT word to help us get out of anything we don’t want to or feel like doing. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

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