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Year in Review + Nov/Dec Favourites

Hey Everyone,

I know I’ve missed a lot of favourites for the past few months and have barely written any posts. I had been feeling quite anxious on a daily that I never made writing a priority during that time. I hope to change that in the coming year but I’ll start now with this post looking at the year in review and sharing my November & December Favourites 🙂

Over the past few months, I had been questioning my decisions about my career and what is it that I am really trying to achieve and I felt as though I had lost my purpose. I couldn’t see how what I was doing was going to get me to where I wanted to be. I didn’t trust the process and kept thinking about the future and not being in the present moment and I wasn’t BEING HERE NOW. But what I realized in that time period was that in the end, it was me letting my mind play tricks on me. My negative thoughts were taking over and I wasn’t doing anything to stop them. It is crazy to see how one thought of negativity can spiral into a million so quickly. Taming those thoughts is a challenge in itself and requires constant effort. My meditation practice had also stopped which probably made that a lot harder to deal with.

I find my bliss in writing whether it reaches 1 or a million. Its not about the numbers or the money. To me, writing is my salvation. In the midst of our busy lives and playing catch up in the rat race, we forget to do things that bring us JOY because we feel that we are “wasting” our time. But really, it’s doing the things we love that allow us to excel in our lives. So never forget to pursue your hobbies and take time out for YOU no matter what others tell you. You know yourself best and never let that be taken away from you.

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