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Here are all my favourites from October 2016!

1. Trip to Miami

This definitely has to be at the top of the list! I spent 5 days in Miami at the beginning of the month and had a blast. The perfect girls trip! You can read my blog post here about my trip.


2. Muji Buys

Ummm…so I have a confession to make. I LOVE LOVE LOVE COLLECTING STATIONARY. Everyday (well almost) I need to buy something; a pen, notebook, sticky notes, highlighters. When I heard MUJI opened up in Toronto, I had to go and get myself some goodies. Go check them out at:

  1. Yorkdale Shopping Mall
  2. Square One Mall in Mississauga
  3. MUJI Atrium in Downtown, Toronto201507_stationery


3. Starting to Swim Again

I have always enjoyed swimming in my childhood but stopped once I moved to Canada. I wanted to add a physical activity into my weekly routine that I enjoyed and found a local community centre that offers classes and lane swims. I go twice a week and I enjoy every single minute of it and the best part it doesn’t feel like I am working out. I am not a gym person, so I had to find activities that I enjoy and I can swim for 2 hours and still don’t feel like stopping! So if you struggle like me to make it to your gym workouts, find any activity that you enjoy:) Best place to look is your local community centre!

4. TV SHOW: Stranger Things

I finished this is ONE DAY. Enough said.


5. Learning some photoshop

With blogging and my new website, I always need to prepare material and content and I wanted to learn photoshop so that I can start doing that work myself instead of always having to pay someone to make them for me. I had to learn to save costs so I decided to learn some photoshop. I have only taken a few hours worth of lessons and plan on taking more. It is always good to learn a new skill. All my travel maps are now made by me on the blog!

6. Dad’s Birthday Gift

It was my DAD’s Birthday this month and we don’t normally buy presents for each other in the family but this year I wanted to do something for him because our parents always put us first. It is time we did something for them in return. So we got him a guitar with lessons because he loves music and has been wanting to learn for a very long time but he always works and never takes the time out to enjoy the things he loves.

The excitement on his face when we gave him the gift was priceless and those are the kinds of gifts that hold true value! So try and surprise someone you care about with a thoughtful gift. It is the best feeling in the world!

7. Book of the Month: Mastery by Robert Greene

JUST READ IT! It is a long read but well worth it!



My boyfriend discovered this site and signed us up for it. It is full of online training tools to learn everything from web design, online marketing, photography, photoshop, video editing, SEO, google analytics and the list just goes on. I absolutely love this website for learning about any topic that interests me. There is a free 14 Day Trial on the website and I highly suggest signing up for that.


My website is officially live for a business I started a couple of months ago. Check it out here! This idea was something I have wanted to start for the past couple of years but I never got around to actually doing it. We often have so many ideas of the things we want to do but it’s not enough. YOU JUST NEED TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP AND DO IT and think about the rest afterwords. Design your logo, , print out some business cards, make your website, reach out to others who might want to buy into your business idea. JUST DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR IDEA and the rest will start flowing.

DO SOMETHING TANGIBLE (even if it is a small step) TO TAKE YOUR IDEA TO REALITY! The more real it feels to you, the more you are willing to work on it. Once I took my first step, clients started coming and asking me for my services! I had nothing ready for my business when I got my first client except that I started telling potential clients that I started this business.


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this post! 


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