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My November Favourites!

Goodbye November, Hello December!

November has been one the craziest months this year with so many ups and downs. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with work and things aren’t moving along as well as I’d hoped for one of my businesses. It’s one of the reasons why I haven’t posted a blog in a little while so I apologize for that. This is one of those things that I have to learn to deal with as someone who runs their own businesses. I will have really great months and very slow months but when you have those slow months, it can really weigh you down and it’s in times like those that you need to maintain a positive mindset.

And let me tell you…it is definitely not easy! It’s something that takes practice and you really have to train your mind to remain in the present and make sure that it doesn’t wander into the future. You have to continue working hard and that’s when you know something needs to change. You have to try something new. Some things work. Some don’t. And that’s just a part of it. You have to experiment and you can’t be afraid of failure. I tried new advertising techniques (some worked, some didn’t). All I can do is forget about the worrying (I cannot change that the market is slow) but the only things that I can change are the things that are under my control. You have to train your mind to think like that and it’s something that I’ve been working on developing this month.

The month of December will be all about a growth mindset and I’m excited to see what’s in store! In the meantime…

Here are my favourites for November 2016!

  1. Crosley Record Player 

    My bf and I celebrated our one year together this past month. We aren’t big on gift giving but one some rare occasions we get something for one another. I’ve been wanting a record player for a while and I finally got it thanks to him! I’ve been playing it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. This one is from Urban Outfitters.  Install their app on your phone and get 10% off your next purchase! This one is currently on sale as well!

    Crosley Record Player

    2. Zhu & Cold Play Vinyls 

    What good is a record player without some vinyls! My 2 favourite artists: Coldplay and Zhu are the perfect start to my collection! Thank you Ron Sally!
    158356-l-lo 489340

    3. Bollywood Dance Classes

     I used to love dancing as a child! I started swimming and loved it, so I decided this was another great way to get some exercise during the week. So twice a week, I go dancing and will be doing a performance next month (still thinking about whether I want to post that video..hmmm)

    4. Dundas Peak Hike 

    I go on one hikes as much as I can. I enjoy being outside and with nature. I take advantage of everyday where we get some sunshine and I use those days to explore Ontario. This month, we ventured to Dundas Peak and the views were absolutely breath taking!


    5. ColdPlay Concert Tickets

    I am not really big on going to concerts but AHHHHHH! Another of my surprises from my BF this month! I have been dying to see them live. I’ve already begun a countdown to August 2017!

    6. World Mug

    I love my morning coffee but only when its served in the right mug! So I started collecting coffee mugs and here is another one added to my collection this month. (I think it suits me well).



7. Everyday Child

I have always wanted to start my own social enterprise but with everything going on, I don’t have the time or the energy to start another project. But it is one thing that is always on my mind and I really wanted to get involved with an organization but I was having a hard time finding one that I connected with.

Here is the cool part: Someone added me on FB after I started my blog and he had posted something about looking for people for his organization. I googled the organization and it resonated with me instantly and I knew I had to be a part of it. So I set up a meeting and am now officially on the team!

I can’t wait to tell you more about it and will be writing an entire blog post about this soon! In the meantime, check out their website and donate your time!

8. Book: The Slight Edge

A MUST READ! Enough Said!


9. Interior Design Class on small space & budget decorating 

I am taking continuing education classes in interior design at George Brown College because it is an asset in the industry that I work in. I gain knowledge and get to meet a lot of people within the industry. I definitely recommend those of you interested in a certain industry or those who want to change their careers to take some evening classes and see if it is something they enjoy.  

Hope you enjoyed this! And I promise more posts will follow in the coming months<3 Thank you for reading and your kind words and messages I get from each of one you. It’s what motivates me to keep writing! 

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