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lHey Everyone! WE ARE  one/third  into this year  and that means its time to go back to review your goals for 2017 to see how you have been doing!

April was an incredible month for me especially related to work. I achieved one of my major goals I set out for myself this year for my home staging business and my reward will be 7 days in Cabo, Mexico at the end of May!

Set yourself realistic rewards for each goal that you create for yourself. This gives you the ability to stay motivated towards your goals. For example, since this goal was a big one for me for this year and in some way related to financial, I chose a bigger reward (vacation).

So, I encourage you to start doing that for all milestones you set for yourself. Take a look at where you stand with your goals for 2017 and add in rewards for each one.

But I did find myself not prioritizing other areas of my life for the past few months because I have just been focussed on work but that can get quite draining so set some time out for yourself each week. Book in a 1 hour massage, get your nails done, go out and have some fun with your friends! You deserve it!

On a side note: The Book Club is still happening! For those of you who were interest you will hear from me soon and for those who still want to join just leave a comment below or send me a message ?

And with that said, here are my favourites for APRIL 2017!

  1. Netflix: Chef’s Table
    I am loving this series on netflix. I have 3 favourite episodes from the show: Virgilio Martinez, Alex Atala, Jeong Kwan. You HAVE TO watch those 3 episodes.  Each episode profiles a single world-renowned chef and each of their journeys are truly inspirational. I am not a culinary lover but these episodes are more than about being a chef. The series shows you how to achieve your dreams and to never give up on your passions no matter what life throws at you.
  2. Book: Sophie’s World
    Sophie Amundsen arrives home from school to find two cryptic messages in her mailbox: “Who are you?” and “Where does the world come from?” Soon she is receiving lectures in the mail on ancient thought from an unknown correspondent.The idea of philosophy itself had always interested me, but prior to this book my knowledge on the subject was rudimentary.  I had skimmed over certain concepts here and there, particularly since university, but I never really felt like I had the chance to fully get to grips with it. The author presents such concepts, making them easier to understand and showing how they can be applied in real life. He also intertwines our philosophical journey with a second story within the story, which immerses you even further into Sophie’s mysterious world, and encourages you to continually question and reflect upon what you are reading.
  3. Visiting my sister in Ottawa
    My sister moved to Ottawa almost a year ago and I made it a goal this year to visit her in Ottawa at least 4 times this year. This was trip #1 and it gives us a great chance to bond. It’s so important for me to maintain close relationships with my family members and this is my way of connecting with her. We got to go out, watch movies, do a little karaoke. Miss you sister <3
  4. Urban Stagers: Completing ____ projects in one month
    I spoke about this enough in the beginning 🙂
  5. Blue Mountain with Friends
    Quality time with friends is also something I want to maintain in my life and with our busy schedules it is always difficult to coordinate and get everyone together. So plan ahead and no matter how short of a trip, it is definitely worth while 🙂
  6. Audio Book: The Big Leap
     The foundation of the book is the fact that we are all born to win, but when we get a feel for winning, we back down and go back to our comfort zone. Hendricks also offers so ideas of how we can operate in our genius zone more often. Loved this book but I think I need to try the book version vs audio to fully grasp some of its concepts.
  7. Family visits from Mumbai, India
    I haven’t been back to my home town in almost 5 years and let’s just say I AM MISSING IT A LOT. My aunt & uncle came to visit us for 3 weeks and it was an absolute blast. It was so nice to see them again after so many years and still feel as though nothing has changed in our relationship 🙂 Call one of your close family members that you haven’t spoken to in a while and see what a difference it makes 🙂 

More blog posts will be coming in May, sorry for not posting as often <3 Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed my favourites 🙂

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